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My multitude of flowers and other parts of nature. 0w0

My drawing account --> :iconaveragesanepsycho:


deviation in storage by AgentFreckledDog
deviation in storage by AgentFreckledDog
deviation in storage by AgentFreckledDog



I Got A Violin/Other shenanigags

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 8, 2013, 9:45 PM

That's right. I got a violin.
 More specifically a purple, $190 violin (with case, rosin, and shoulder rest).
 Do I know how to play? AHAHAHAHHAHA no. No I do not. 
But I'm learning.
Violet[1] by AgentTuxedoBird
But d'you know what I named her!!??? 



Cuz it'sh teh mostest creativest name in teh universes.

The Violinist[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

Speaking of violins, I drew a violinist for my design class because were assigned the theme "rhythm."
We were required to draw something based on a (non-offensive) song for the theme "rhythm."


I happily chose "Fairytale" by Alexander Rybak because mmf dat song.

Yes, I know his hands are out of proportion. It angers me to an unspeakable amount. A;SLFJA;SDLFJKA;FJA;FJFUCKMYLIFEIHATEHANDS. 
I have visions of the future to fix his ridiculous hands.

P.S. I used this lovely lady's stock pose as a reference.…

Speaking of college assignments, I turned this
Origami Black Butterfly Paper[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

Into this

Origami Black Butterfly 1[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

Isn't it bootiful?

Origami Black Butterfly 2[1] by AgentTuxedoBird


Origami White Butterfly Paper[1] by AgentTuxedoBird


Origami White Butterfly 1[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

I already know it's bootiful

White Origami Butterfly 2[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

But no really, jklolsmileyface take a joke broseph.
I made these two origami butterflies for my design class as well. I think the theme was "balance," and we were supposed to do somethingorother and I came up with this. 
Because thank Ceiling Cat for YouTube and "How To Make Origami blahblahblah" videos.
Because fuck yes.

Speaking of more stuff I've been doing in college, my drawing class was having fun with india ink. 
This is what was produced out of my extraordinary mind.
Monochrome Rainbow[1] by AgentTuxedoBird
I called it "Monochrome Rainbow."

Which lead me to do more with ink stuff. Like this.
Silver Ink Eye[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

And this other thing.
Silver Ink Eye 2[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

But in my darkroom photography class, I made these things during our assignment The Scavenger Hunt.

20130926 202721[1] by AgentTuxedoBird
The above image was taken at my college's fountain and the idea was "Elegance's Purest Form." The whiter flower is a rose a sort-of-friend of mine (who was with me at the time) picked out of the rose garden.
 I decided to put its life to use by placing it next to the water lily. I had to step in fish poo for this photo. #yolo?

The below image is a "portrait of a loved one," a journal my boyfriend and I send to each other with a necklace he gave me for Christmas last year. I don't have any "loved ones" around me (because I'm at college) so I got creative and did this.
Your Lover[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

And speaking of art stuff and what-not, while I got my violin, I stumbled across this.
Eggshell Mural[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

This is a mural made out of broken eggshell pieces.

Eggshell Mural 2[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

And with that said, my dorm room door was decorated as a mummy for Halloween.
Jimmothy the Mummy[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

His name is Jimmothy. 
Jimmothy the mummy. Nothing made my day more than seeing his smiling face.

And speaking of random, while I was taking some nature shots in the rose garden, this giant ass moth decided to befriend me.

Mr. Moth[1] by AgentTuxedoBird

And that's what I've been up to! If you've stayed here for this long, I commend your tenacity. 

Oh boy, and hover-text is awesome.

Skin by SimplySilent
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Chiara Moretti
Artist | Student | Photography
United States
It's funny. People ask me if I'm Asian, when I'm really half-Mexican, but I just look plain white.

But in hope of mild entertainment, here's my multitude of nicknames;

Chi, Lafonda Kikinky, Chai-Tea, Key-Lime Pie, Fizz, Ro-may-o, Chia-Pet, Random Huggy Penguin Girl, Penguin, Vil, Little Shrimp, Solitaire, Little Bigmouth, Miguel, Little Jelly Bean, Pipsqueak, Deaf Cookie, Yin, Mei, Squirt, and plenty others yet to be made.
CONTRIBUTE NOW~! Think of the children.

Bottom line; I use my camera in attempts to take decent photos of Mother Nature and her little pleasures.
Like cake. But I have yet to take pictures of cake.

I love Jim Carrey and other awesome people of existence.
We are all weird in our own unique way that contributes to this big ball of weird. c: AND I LOVE IT.

Individuals I LessThanThree


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AluraRB Feb 6, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Why hello there you poser! Haven't talked with you in 5ever!!
(dis is katie if you forgot <3)
AgentTuxedoBird Mar 29, 2014  Student Photographer
Er mer gerd, who is this shexy lady talking to me? Loljkiknowitsyou. What's up, hot shtuff?
Agent Tuxedo Bird. That's new. xD
AgentTuxedoBird Nov 8, 2013  Student Photographer
It had to be done. XD
AgentFreckledDog Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaaaaand again, I mix up your birthday with my mom's. Dammit all to hell. >c
AgentTuxedoBird Jul 5, 2013  Student Photographer
Dammit, woman. XD How dare thou mix thy birthday up with another wench!
AgentFreckledDog Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I apologize, Lady Bigmouth! But I am a being of forgetfulness and maladies. :XD: I'll be giving you your gift soon. XD
AgentTuxedoBird May 7, 2013  Student Photographer
That is the definition of a good person. XD
AgentFreckledDog May 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It fits the pug persona.

...except when they get all sad-looking like my little rat bastard does :stare:
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